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Welcome to Christensen Capital Law

Christensen Capital Law (“CCL”) is an exceptional organization—not just an average law firm. Integrated with the 35 years of experience of its owner and founder, attorney Craig G. Christensen, the firm is not what you might expect to find in a Northern California suburb--_a small “boutique” law firm specializing in some of the most current, challenging and interesting areas of entrepreneurial law and wealth management/production strategies. The word “Capital” in the name of the firm does not refer to our location in Roseville, California, a suburb of the greater Sacramento area. Instead, “Capital” is an apt description of the type of law we practice; if a legal matter involves maintaining, producing or protecting wealth or assets, that is our forte. It doesn’t matter whether our clients are individuals of modest means, small private companies or larger organizations, we are in the business of providing the highest quality legal services at affordable cost. We also understand that a person’s “wealth” may consist of little more than a home with a mortgage and a car or two, but those assets are just as important to him or her as the business tycoon’s millions. We are accessible to our clients throughout California and the United States via a network of conference office facilities, and we have clients throughout the nation and in several foreign countries..
We are fast, efficient and knowledgeable. We are available when you need us for advice, without having to sort through layers of junior attorneys or paralegals. Service is always individualized and attuned to our clients’ specific needs. We welcome the opportunity to show you that all lawyers are not the same, and that true client service is not a lost concept. Please give us a call and see the difference for yourself.