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Client Endorsements

Christensen Capital Law offers a level of expertise and experience that is more commonly found in larger law firms, Christensen Capital Law, has mitigated the need for a large organization by changing the traditional law firm structure. Whereas most larger firms are organized vertically with a hierarchy of senior partners, junior partners, associates, law clerks and paralegals, often with multiple departments, CCL is organized horizontally, meaning that we understand and respond to the entire spectrum of our clients’ needs and objectives—not just the current project or case. If a business transaction raises tax or securities issues, we’ll recognize and handle those. If the estate plan includes transition of a family business to the next generation, we’ll address both the personal and business aspects of the plan. Our clients appreciate the fact that they don’t see the sometimes redundant “layers” of billings for our services that often frustrate clients of other firms. We strongly advocate a team approach. CCL works closely with business planners, accountants, strategic planners, branding, marketing and public relations specialists. We also work with attorneys and law firms who specialize in other areas of the law such as intellectual property. We have a vested interest in seeing that you succeed. Our reputation depends on it.

Client Endorsements

The following client endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Estate Planning Client:

“I have known Mr. Christensen as his client for almost 20 years! I am an attorney myself and have worked with other lawyers throughout the country and overseas, including large law firms in major cities, as part of my work. In my opinion, he is in the top 1% of lawyers worldwide. Most other lawyers I have spoken with who profess to specialize in these areas of law don't possess a fraction of Mr. Christensen's knowledge and expertise. Mr. Christensen provides calm, well-reasoned advice and instills a great sense of confidence and professionalism. I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr. Christensen to anyone seeking the highest quality legal advice and representation in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, corporate law, and taxation. He is knowledgeable not only in these areas of law, but also possesses a depth of knowledge of other jurisdictions including other states and countries. In my view, he is the best there is!”

Corporate Client:

“Craig Christensen has been our firm's legal counsel, advising us on how to navigate the often complex rules and regulations governing fully reporting public companies. He assisted us directly on securities law issues during the initial stages of "going public" and due to his extensive knowledge was able to recommend procedures which saved both the company and our shareholders tens of thousands of dollars. As a constant resource for legal advice, Craig is often requested to advise us on issues that might stray from his areas of expertise, but he is consistently able to assist either directly or by recommending someone he knows that can.”

Tax/Business Client:

“A company we were acquiring had a decade's worth [of] tax and standing issues that had somehow been missed by the due diligence team. Craig detangled it all and hand carried the papers through the assorted state agencies allowing disaster to be averted. He did it amazingly quickly and inexpensively.”