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Tax Law


Why Hire a Tax Attorney?

Hiring an attorney to represent you before the IRS and other tax agencies comes with certain rights and privileges that other tax professionals cannot offer. Namely, you are protected under the Attorney-Client Privilege. This Privilege protects any communication between you and your attorney rendering it confidential. Unlike other tax professionals, attorneys cannot be forced to disclose confidential matters to the IRS or any other adversarial party. This Privilege becomes crucial if litigation should be necessary to your case. Importantly, the Attorney-Client Privilege also provides a highly safe and secure environment for you to divulge any information that may be relevant to your case without compromising your privacy in any way, shape, or form.

We constantly update our knowledge through continuing education and have devoted our professional careers to Taxation Law. Our extensive education and cross-disciplinary training allow us to perform a comprehensive examination of your entire tax situation and identify the best way to resolve your tax problem.

We are experienced negotiators that present your case to the tax authorities in the most advantageous manner possible. The strategic manner in which your tax case is presented to the tax authorities may be crucial to successful resolution. Our education and experience have resulted in expert negotiating skills that we put to work when dealing with the tax authorities on your behalf. We construct an overarching theory behind your tax issue and present your case persuasively utilizing only the most salient facts. This strategic approach offers our clients a clear advantage when resolving their tax problems.

Whether you're looking for a tax attorney because you're planning for retirement, attempting to protect family assets when settling an estate, creating a business succession plan, or attempting to make sense of complicated Internal Revenue Service tax law, we can give calm, reasoned assurance and guidance.

We offer professional tax litigation services from experienced lawyers who have represented individuals and businesses in legal proceedings resulting from IRS audits and collections.

Of course the best audit protection is receiving accurate and up to date tax advice in the first place so we offer consultation on divorce and alimony, payroll taxes, estate planning, asset protection, probate, starting a business, and all facets of tax law and business law.

We provide expert advice and litigation representation for non-filing of tax returns, audits, levies, liens, and comprehensive tax planning. Personal or business bankruptcy, incorporation, and contracts for businesses of all sizes are also among our specialties.

But, above all, we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed customer service and our desire to take an intense personal interest in each and every issue that requires our advice and experience.

Income and Estate Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Planning

International Transactions

IRS & Franchise Tax Board Disputes

IRS Offers in Compromise

IRS Installment Agreements

IRS Audit/Investigation Representation

Tax Court Petitions